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Referencing a Connector in your App



Connection Service (Integrations) is currently in public preview.
UiPath is committed to stability and quality of our products, but preview features are always subject to change based on feedback that we receive from our customers. Using preview features is not recommended for production deployments.
For the full list of limitations during this public preview, check the Limitations During Preview page.

You can use UiPath Apps to build apps where users can interact with data (read and write) from Integration Service.



You can also use shared connections from a folder.

Referencing a connector

In the example below, we'll show you how to reference the Microsoft Outlook 365 connector.

  1. From an existing app in App Studio, click on the Add any Add Any iconAdd Any icon icon from the top of the canvas
  2. Click on Connection to open the connection reference dialog.
  1. A list of service connectors is displayed. For this example, choose Microsoft Outlook 365 from the list. You can also use the search bar to search for the connector you need.
  1. Click Connect now to connect to your Microsoft Outlook 365 account.
  1. Pick your desired account and log in to Microsoft Outlook 365.
  1. Click Add to add your connector.

Setting up default connection in runtime

When opening an app containing any referenced connector in a runtime environment, for example when previewing an app, the Connect to third party integration windows is displayed.
Choose the desired connection for each integration referenced in the app.


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Referencing a Connector in your App

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