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Last updated Feb 19, 2024


Use the IFrame control to embed other application into your apps. Doing so, you can reuse various features instead of building the functionality again in Apps Studio.

Note: Apps does not render websites with iFrames that have the response header X-Frame-Options to either deny or sameorigin. This restriction is ensured by the source website and there is no workaround in this case.


  • Source - The source of the object you want to embed in the IFrame control.
  • Hidden- If true, hides the control at runtime.
  • Disabled - If true, disables the control at runtime.


No events.


  • Control Alignment - By default, inherits the parent alignment. A different alignment other than the parent can be set. To default back to the parent alignment, deselect the overridden options.

    Note: The alignment is dependent on the layout selected for the parent (Vertical vs Horizontal).
  • Border - The border for the control. Border Thickness, Color, and Radius can be configured.

  • Margin - The margin of the control. By default, a margin of 4px is set. Top/Bottom and Left/Right margin properties are combined. These properties can be detached using the Link button at the right side of the Margin section.

  • Size - The width and height of the control. By default, the size is set to auto. To set minimum or maximum values, click the three dot icon (...). If the size of the control is smaller than the options, a scroll bar is displayed.
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  • Events
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