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Last updated Feb 21, 2024

The Expression editor

The Expression editor allows you to use VB operators and functions, while respecting a predefined syntax. You can identify the properties that can be configured using VB expressions by the "tune" icon .

Expressions must reference the property name given in the app page. For example, to reference the main page, include the snippet MainPage in your expression. If you rename the main page to First Page, include the snippet FirstPage in your expression.

All custom Apps utility functions are grouped under a single interface that makes them easier to discover. This way, you only need to type in App. , and a list of available functions unfolds.

Using the Expression editor

To unlock the power of VB expressions in your app:

  1. Select the VB Expression Language checkbox when you create a new app.
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  2. Drag and drop controls in the app pages, or configure rules and events.
  3. To edit the General properties of a control, or to configure an event rule, look for the "tune" icon docs image.
  4. For the desired property, click Open expression editor and start writing your VB expressions.
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  • Using the Expression editor

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