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Last updated Feb 21, 2024

Rule: Update Entity Record

Use the Update Entity Record rule to update a specific record of an entity which was imported from Data Service in your app.

Which entity's record should be updated?

Clicking the Which entity's record should be updated? field opens the Resources panel, which displays the available imported Data Service entities.

Select the entity to update by double-clicking on it. Once selected, the following properties become available:

  • Values to set

  • When updated

  • On Error

Entity record Id

Provide the ID of the record you want to update.

You can find the ID in Data Service > [Entity_name] > Data.

To use the record ID in this rule, bind the entity to a control, (for example, a Table control), then use the SelectedItem method to access the ID of the item:


When updated

In this section you can define rules to be executed right after the entity record has been updated.

For example: You can display a success message after the record is updated using the Show Message rule and selecting Success from the Type dropdown.

On Error

In this section you can define rules to be executed when the process of updating a record encounters an error.

For example: To track the failure, you can add a Show Message rule. You can then specify the title, message, and type of the error.

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