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Supported Process Argument Types

Please find below a list containing the input and output argument types supported when adding a process to an app.

Supported Argument Types

Supported Type.NET typeDescriptionLimitation (If any)
Number (Integer, Double, Float, Decimal)System.Int16, System.Int32, System.Int64, System.UInt16,System.UInt32,
System.UInt64,System.Double, System.Single
Integer/Floating point Numeric type & Decimal value
DateTimeSystem.DateTime, System.DateTimeOffsetDate and timeCustomers should always use UTC or include a DateTimeOffset
Supported Type[](List)System.ArrayArray of supported types . For example array of text or numbers
List<ST> (List)System.Collections.Generic.ListList of supported types.
IList<ST> (List)System.Collections.IListIterable list of supported types.


DateTime Argument

  • Data without timezone information should be treated as UTC.
  • Data with timezone information will be displayed to the end-user in their browser’s timezone.



If a data type is not explicitly supported, the following logic is applied:

  • If the datatype ends with “[]”, it is an array.
  • If the datatype came back as “null”, it is interpreted as “anything” by Apps
  • If the datatype is neither "[]" nor "null", it is interpreted as an “object”

Supported Inference Types

For any .NET type variable not supported by Apps in its out of the box format, the Job history can be used to infer with the DataType, At least 1 job that matches the current version of the process is needed. Keep in mind that this type of auto-detection is not always precise. Please verify them on the UiPath Process properties page and change them if needed.

Supported Inference Type (SIT).NET typeDescription
DataTableSystem.Data.DataTableThe Tabular Data field detection inference is based and may not identify types correctly, even if they are Supported Types.
SIT[](List)System.ArrayList of supported inference types.
UiPath GenericUiPath.Core.GenericValueCommon default type in Studio.
ObjectSystem.ObjectA generic Object



Object fields such as DataTable > DataColumn also use inference based detection, even when those fields are Supported Types. This may lead to unpredictability, so you can manually specify fields for DataTable and other Objects within App Studio.

DataTable: Only the data from a DataTable can be used within an app. Field Constraints, Expression Columns, and Primary Keys are not supported.

Following Arguments will be supported in future

Supported Type (ST).Net TypeDescription
TimeSpanSystem.TimeSpanA time interval
IEnumerableSystem.Collections.Generic.IEnumerableIterable list of Choices. Treated same as Enum/ChoiceSet
ChoiceSetSystem.EnumList of Choices



  • The process payload size limit between Robot Service and Robot Executor is 10 MB.
  • The entire process arguments of a single process cannot exceed 10 MB.

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Supported Process Argument Types

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