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July 2022

12 July 2022

What’s New

Apps Connections Integrations Public Preview

We are very excited to announce that the Apps Connections Integration is now in Public Preview.

You can use connections part of Integration Service to build more complex apps, further improving the user experience.
To learn more on how to use this integration, see the following pages from the Leveraging Connectors in Your Apps section:

The following limitations apply for the public preview:

  • There is no interoperability with Function. Because of this, chaining expressions from the filter builder interface is not supported.
  • Lookup function is not supported for Data Context or control properties and values.
  • There is no support for shared connections.
  • Pagination.


  • We improved the toast pop-up notification and now the color depends on the whether you have the dark theme or light theme activated in design time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations a loop of errors occurred.

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July 2022

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