UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

February 2021

23 February 2021


  • Action Center reaches out to more users as it becomes available in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil).
    For information about how to change the language, see Localization.


  • If the action you want to complete has a faulted underlying automation process, a banner informs you to reach out to the operation team for further resolution. This applies starting with the Persistence Activity Pack v1.1.9 and Robot v20.10.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Testing processes are no longer displayed on the Processes page, as you can launch only unattended processes in Action Center.
  • Saving actions with forms that have check box or select options but no option selected threw an error. Upgrading the Persistence Activity Pack to v1.1.9 solves this issue.

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February 2021

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