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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

July 2022

25 July 2022

Bug fixes

  • For the Wait for Form Task and Resume Activity, the AssignedToUserProperty did not display the expected information in the Output panel.

13 July 2022


  • The Partial Save option is now available for Document Validation Actions. Document Validation Actions can be partially saved, without users fully completing the Action, allowing users to continue the completion in other sessions.

Bug fixes

  • When leaving empty or clearing a non-mandatory DateTime field inside a grid, users get the following error: "Error converting value "" to type 'System.DateTime'. Path '[1].atd', line 31, position 13". This behavior has been fixed.

6 July 2022

Bug fixes

  • The Folder Path now displays whenever accessing the Action Summary of Pending Form tasks.
  • Users in the Azure AD group can now access the Processes tab in Action Center.
  • You can now assign actions to Azure AD users when they are not logged in Action Center.

When Can I See These Changes?

The date when a change is first announced in the release notes is the date when it first becomes available.

If you don't see the change yet, you can expect to see it soon, after we roll out changes to all the regions.

  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • When Can I See These Changes?

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