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Last updated Nov 27, 2023

April 2021

26 April 2021


  • You can now multiple select all displayed actions. By default, this operation selects the first 30 actions in the list. If you have more than 30 items, scroll down the list to load them and check the selection box again.


  • The filters applied to the actions list are now collected into an expandable menu, so they don't reduce the list length anymore.
  • Downloaded .csv files are no longer limited to 1000 entries of your actions lists. Be aware that the download time increases with the number of entries in the list.

Known Issues

  • Problems experienced in Microsoft Edge Legacy are no longer covered by our support.

    Note: Please upgrade to newer versions of Edge (i.e., v79+).

Bug Fixes

  • Identically named action catalogs residing in different folders are no longer duplicated in the Filter by list.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented Panel components title in form actions from being displayed when the Light theme was selected.

6 April 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Deleted actions are no longer displayed on the home page of your Automation Cloud account.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing Actions and Processes tabs to be improperly displayed in Safari browser.
  • Using multi selection in a long action list and then scrolling beyond the initially loaded actions cleared your selection. This behavior is now fixed.
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