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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

March 2022

31 March 2022


Only existing action catalogs can now be linked to actions generated by Persistence activities (Create Form Task , Create External Task) or by activities using Generic Tasks APIs (Create Validation Action,Create Classification Action). That is, you need to create the action catalog before generating the action. Otherwise, if you link an action to an action catalog that is not yet created, the action creation fails with the following error message "No task catalog exists with name [action_catalog_name] Error code: 2451 ".

Note: Due to a mishap on our side, the documentation updates and release note are available as of today, although the improvement reached production earlier this week, thus impacting several workflows. Everything should work more smoothly from now on, as long as you create the required action catalogs first.

15 March 2022


Starting with this release, you can download an enhanced CSV file of your actions. The downloaded file contains more fields to properly describe and track your actions, such as the operations performed on each action, the first time the assigned user opened the action, or the job that generated the action. Head over to Action Center and discover the rest of the downloaded fields.

8 March 2022

Happy International Women's Day! May you stay strong and with a delicate touch.


Starting with this release, you can generate actions from the context of a personal workspace folder and have them displayed in the Action Center inbox. This is possible due to the enablement of all Actions and Action Catalogs permissions for the Personal Workspace Administrator role in the corresponding Orchestrator instance.

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