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Last updated Nov 27, 2023

September 2022

26 September 2022


Data labeling Actions as Public Preview

Speed up your data labeling process in AI CenterTM, through Data labeling Actions in Action Center! You can now create Data labeling Actions, using the Create Labeling Task activity, and let users save their labels, which will appear in AI Center, too.

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26 September 2022


Actions overview

With this release, an overview of your actions and other users' actions is now available inside the Overview tab of Action Center. Here are some of the capabilities that come with Actions overview:

  • For Action Users, you get an overview of how many actions you have that are Pending,Completed or Unassigned, as well as the average time that it takes you to complete an Action.
  • For Action Admin Users, you get an overview of how many actions other users have that are Pending or Completed, as well as the average time it takes each user to complete an Action. Moreover, from the Overview tab, you can also filter the Actions in the Inbox tab, by the user to which they are assigned to.
  • With the Overview tab, you can filter Actions by the Action Catalog where they belong to, and by the time when Actions were created.

Find out more details in our documentation.

20 September 2022


Notification Service with Action Center available as Public Preview

Here are some of the capabilities that notifications bring:

  • Notifications can be sent via the Notifications panel and via email.
  • Notifications are generated when an action activity takes place. For example, when a user forwarded you an action, you will receive a notification in the Notifications panel, as well as an email notification, giving you information about the details of the action activity and the details of the action that was forwarded to you.
  • You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from notifications about certain action activities, or all action activities.

    Find out more details in our documentation about and .

6 September 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Microsoft Edge to generate Out of memory errors when completing more than five or ten Document Validation Actions.

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