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Action Center
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Last updated Jul 19, 2024

April 2022

14 April 2022


  • In a continuous process to keep your data safe, starting with this release, you now have the option to encrypt actions linked to newly created actions catalogs. However, the encryption is not applicable retroactively. Find out more details in our documentation.
  • Task priorities may change in your department, thus affecting actions resolution and completion due dates. To help you reorganize your pending workload or to correct descriptive inaccuracies, we offer the option to edit action properties, such as action name or priority. Learn how to create the means for a better action identification by reading our documentation.
  • For rapidly growing Action Center action lists, organizing and tracking actions may become assiduous. We help you overcome this hassle by bringing in the option to label your actions for a better identification, searching, sorting, or filtering operations. You can add as many labels to any type of action, either Unassigned, Pending, or Completed. Find out how in our documentation.
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