Product differences

UiPath offers you second-to-none flexibility on delivery options, with two ways to get the full, cloud-native platform as well as continued support for installing key individual products yourself.

  • Automation Cloud is designed and optimized to offer the complete UiPath Platform as a service, so you can focus on automation and leave the infrastructure to us.
  • Automation Suite is designed and optimized to deliver a similar full-platform experience, but self-hosted in cloud or on-premises. Accordingly, it contains platform, container, and infrastructure configurations and management as part of the single installation.
  • We also offer support and new functionality for standalone product installations.

This table highlights some of the key feature differences between the options.

- Available  - Not applicable

CapabilityStandaloneAutomation SuiteAutomation CloudDetails
Organization as the highest level of resources isolationThe organization is the highest level of resource isolation.
By resources, we mean accounts, roles, packages, and so on. These are shared, but only within the context of the organization.
Support for multiple tenants in an organizationIn standalone installations, we support one tenant per organization.
Products available in one placeIn Automation Suite and Automation Cloud, all your services are available from the same portal, and you can switch between services easily using the left rail, without leaving the page.

In standalone installations, each product is available at a different address, so users who work in multiple products must access each one in a separate browser window.
Co-brand the interface of available products by applying a custom logoIn Automation Cloud and Automation Suite, you can apply your logo and have it available throughout all products.

In standalone installations, you can also apply a custom logo, but it only applies for Orchestrator.
User license managementUser license management is not available in standalone installations.
Unified administration experience for available productsIn Automation Cloud and Automation Suite you can manage all aspects for your organization centrally from the Admin page. These settings concern all products and apply to all tenants in your organization.

In Automation Suite, we have an additional superior level, called the host level, which you can manage from the host portals. These settings apply to all your organizations, and in turn to all tenants in each organization.

In standalone installations, we have the Orchestrator host portal where you can configure settings regarding the Orchestrator functionality. Settings here apply to all tenants.
Federated host administratorsThe host portal is not available to customers in Automation Cloud because settings here are managed by UiPath.
Basic authentication for external appsOnly secure authentication mechanisms are supported on public networks. For Automation Cloud we recommend delegating UiPath authorization using OAuth.
Sharing libraries via the host feedIn Automation Cloud, libraries cannot be shared across tenants via the host feed. Use a custom feed instead.
Custom credential store pluginsAutomation Cloud only allows for secure stores with built-in support.
MinIO storage bucketsAutomation Cloud does not support MinIO storage buckets. See storage buckets docs for a list of supported storage providers.
Elastic robot orchestrationElastic robot orchestration lets you use our auto-scaling engine to create, start, and stop machines as you need them for running automations.
You self-host the virtual machines (VMs) in your own Cloud Services Provider (CSP), and set up how you want auto-scaling to work for you.
UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - VMCalled Cloud Robots - VM for short. this feature lets you use the auto-scaling engine, but, as opposed to elastic robot orchestration, we host everything for you.
This is an Enterprise-only feature.
UiPath Automation CloudTM Robots - Serverless

UiPath Automation Suite Robots
Automation Cloud Robots - Serverless are meant for those who don't want any hassle at all with setting up and maintaining infrastructure to get more robotic power. These cloud robots are also hosted by UiPath, but they run on Linux machines and machine customization is a bit less flexible compared to Cloud Robots - VM.

Automation Suite Robots are the Automation Suite counterpart of Automation Cloud Robots - Serverless

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Product differences

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