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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Submitting a CoE-driven Idea

Select Submit idea > Submit CoE driven idea to add your idea details.

Important: Make sure you have the needed permissions in order to use this feature, as noted in the CoE-driven Idea section.


In the first section of the form, the Overview, you can Name your Idea, add an Automation ID, a description of the process in the Description field, and use the Business Area dropdown list from Category to better categorize your idea.

You can do it by selecting an already existing category from the drop-down list. If you cannot find a suitable category, select None of these apply and define a relevant category. This can contain up to 100 characters.

  • the new category entry you defined is displayed under the Other filters that can be applied for Categories when searching for a specific idea in Workspace.
  • the new category entry you defined is not displayed as an option for further idea submissions.
  • all the new category entries manually created while submitting ideas are not saved in Admin Console > Categories. This is to keep the inventory of categories clean.
  • all the new category entries manually created while submitting ideas are found by accessing the Other filter option.

    • In the Name your idea field you are allowed to enter alphanumerical characters and the following special characters: dash (-), exclamation mark (!), hash sign (#), comma (,), underscore (_) and a limit of 100 characters.
    • A Potential Duplicate message is displayed if the title and the automation category you added for your ideas are similar to other ideas. Before going forward please check the profile of the idea displayed as duplicate. The below options are available:
    • My idea is a duplicate: mark your idea as duplicate and suspend the submission process.
    • Continue with my idea: continue the submission process.

Detailed Assessment

In the Detailed Assessment section, you can reply to a set of questions specific to your idea that will help the system compute a general idea score, as well as two scores regarding the suitability of your automation idea and how ready the task or process is to be automated.

The sections from this form are mandatory, except for the Average Employee Full Cost/year, Error Rate, and Review/Audit related questions.

To learn more about the Detailed Assessment, check the Detailed Assessment page.

Assign Process Owner

In the third section you can assign and invite a Process Owner to add more information for the automation idea once the idea is approved.

A Process Owner can be any user that is part of the specific Automation Hub tenant and has the Active status in the Assign Roles page.

After providing information for all the questions, the last step is to click Submit for Review.

Note: You can also click the Save as Draft option to pause working and save your progress without submitting your idea for review. To resume working on the idea access Workspace > My Ideas.

After submitting it, your idea is reviewed by the assigned Process Owner.

  • Overview
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Assign Process Owner

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