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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Submitting a CoE-driven Idea

As soon as the form for sharing the CoE-driven idea is displayed, answer the questions by using the drop-down list option if available or type in the information regarding this idea in the corresponding field.

Important: Make sure you have the needed permissions in order to use this feature, as noted in the CoE-driven Idea section.

The sections from this form are mandatory, except the ones referring to the Average Employee Full Cost/year, Error Rate, and Review/Audit related questions.

Note: You can assign a unique (alpha-)numerical ID to your idea by adding it to the Automation ID field.

Keep in mind that each field has a specific character limitation as follows:

  • Automation Name - 100 characters;
  • Automation ID - 50 characters;
  • Description - 10000 characters;
  • Business Area - when choosing a category for the idea you can select an already existing one from the drop-down list or if you cannot find a suitable category, respond by selecting None of this apply. This option allows you to define a suitable category. It can contain up to 100 characters. When defining a new category please take into account the following:

    • the new category entry you defined is displayed under the Other filters that can be applied for Categories when searching for a specific idea in Workspace.
    • the new category entry you defined is not displayed as an option for further idea submissions.
    • all the new category entries manually created while submitting ideas are not saved in Admin Console > Categories. This is made in order to keep the inventory of categories clean.
  • all the new category entries manually created while submitting ideas are found by accessing the Other filter option.
  • Pain Points - 10.000 characters.
  • Negative Impact - 10.000 characters.
  • Comments ( in the assessment section - 750 characters.

After adding all the necessary details click Submit For Review.

Note: You can also click the Save as Draft option to pause working and save your progress without submitting your idea for review. To resume working on the idea access Workspace > My Ideas.

After submitting it, your idea is reviewed by the assigned Process Owner.

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