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Last updated Apr 19, 2024


Can I remove an Idea?

Once submitted you can no longer withdraw the idea. If the idea is in the Awaiting Review status contact an Idea Approver responsible for your Automation Area and ask them to reject it. Alternatively, you can contact the Program Manager and ask them to archive or delete the idea.

How is an Automation Idea assessed?

To identify suitable candidates for automation, an idea submission goes through a 2-level assessment:

  • High Level Assessment

  • Detailed Assessment

By answering a set of 9 questions, you will receive an automatically calculated score that will help with the decision to move the idea to a more detailed assessment.Next, the Process Owner provides more specific details in a separate questionnaire and lists the applications used in the process.An algorithm highlights the estimated benefits and the ease of implementation for that idea.

High Level Assessment

This is done with your help as you will explore the 'Share an idea' journey.By answering 9 simple questions you will participate in an educational experience that teaches you how to identify and submit ideas that are worthy of being automated. You will also receive instant feedback generated by the platform, with a calculated automation score for the submitted idea and a short explanation about how that score was obtained.This will be a way to constantly learn and improve your selection skills.

Detailed Assessment

If the Program Manager decides that the idea score is an indication that the automation proposal can be considered for a detailed assessment, they will invite the Process Owner to answer a predefined set of specific questions.By selecting the applications used in the manual process, an assessment score will be generated, focusing on the estimated benefits (measured in estimated annualized hours saved) and the ease of implementation.

How is the decision to automate taken?

Once an Automation Idea is submitted, the Idea Approver can decide to approve it.Next, the Program Manager will decide, based on the score obtained by the submission, which are the automations they will invest more time in. They will do this by launching the assessment.Based on the detailed information related to the task/process added by the Process Owner, a set of KPIs will be available:

  • the Automation Potential expressed in percentage

  • the Ease of Implementation expressed in percentage

  • the Estimated hours saved per year

Based on these KPIs, as well as the automation goal, the Program Manager will decide together with their stakeholders (funders & beneficiaries of the program) which automations will move further to implementation.

What happens when an Automation is Archived?

The option to Archive an automation is available only for the Program Manager when editing the Automation Profile.If this action is triggered, they will be requested to add a comment explaining the decision. This will be made available in the thread of comments as well as in the notifications sent to the collaborators and the users who are following the automation.Once an automation is archived:

  • It will no longer be displayed in Explore Automation Program page or in the list of Following automations for the followers.

  • It will be displayed in My Submissions (for submitter), My collaborations (for the other collaborators) and in the Automation Pipeline (for the Program Manager).

  • The editing rights are revoked for all the Automation Profile collaborators, except for the Process Owner, Project Manager, and Program Manager.

How are Automations Ideas reviewed?

Below are the review phases for an Automation Idea:

  • An Idea Approver responsible for the category on which the idea has been submitted checks if a duplicate Automation Idea is already entered in the system.

  • If not a duplicate, they will decide if the automation can be approved. The decision is based on the score obtained by the submission. For automation with a positive decision, an assessment invitation will be sent to the Process Owner assigned to that idea.

  • The Process Owner will refine the information and add details related to the task/process.

  • The Automation Potential percentage, the Ease of Implementation percentage and, the Estimated hours saved per year will be available.

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