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Automation Hub User Guide
Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Software Requirements and Browser Compatibility

To access UiPath Automation Hub, besides an active account, you need an internet connection and a compatible internet browser.

Browser compatibility

The table below lists the supported browsers and their minimum version of compatibility with Automation Cloud.

Important: Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use one of the supported browsers to access our cloud products.



Google Chrome

for Windows or MacOS

2 latest versions

Microsoft Edge Chromium

for Windows or MacOS

2 latest versions

Mozilla Firefox

for Windows or MacOS

2 latest versions

Apple Safari

for MacOS

latest version

Other browsers that are not listed above, older versions of the ones listed above, or mobile browsers are not supported. If you access Automation Cloud with any of these, certain features may not function as expected or errors may occur.

  • Browser compatibility

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