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Last updated Jun 27, 2024


How are Reusable Components reviewed?

Companies will have the option to do an internal curation flow for the private components within the company. The process can be performed by the Curator.When the curation is started, the component will switch from the Submitted status to In review. After the component review is completed, the status of the component will be updated to Published, and the component will be visible for all the tenant’s users.Before the curation process is initiated, while the status is Submitted, the author can withdraw the component from the queue.The Curator will be able to reject components and send them back to the author in two ways:

  • Reject and ask for updates – the component status changes to Needs Update. The Author can then update it and submit it again.

  • Reject permanently – the component status changes to Rejected. No updates can be made by the Author.

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