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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Idea Review Flow

Depending on the way it was shared, the idea undergoes through different review phases:

Employee-driven Idea

Note: For each of the below phases, the assigned user receives a task in their Automation Hub account and is notified by email about the assignment. To check the notification access My Tasks - Incomplete section.
  1. An Idea Approver reviews the Idea.

    By accessing the Automation Pipeline > Review view they can either Approve, Mark as Duplicate, or Reject it. Approved ideas are transferred to the Assessment phase and can be accessed in Workspace > Automation Pipeline > Review view.

    Note: Before approving an Idea, please check if a Process Owner is assigned. If not, access the idea's Quick View option and click the Process Owner field available in the pop-up upper left corner. Search for the account of the user you want to assign. Once found, click the account in order to assign them as the idea's Process Owner.

  2. As soon as the idea is Approved an Assessment Invitation is sent to the Process Owner assigned to that idea, asking them to fill in the Detailed Assessment. The invitation is sent by email and can be also accessed from My Task - Incomplete section. The Process Owner refines the information and adds the Detailed Assessment details related to the task/process. For details check the Completing the Detailed Assessment page.

    As soon as they click Submit assessment the phase of the idea will be updated to Qualification and its status to Awaiting review.

  3. The Program Manager reviews the idea and decides if it will move further to the Implementation phase.

    Access the list with all the ideas in the Qualification phase that need to be reviewed in Workspace > Automation Pipeline > Decision Pipeline view.

    Based on the complexity of the work required for the idea implementation the Program Manager can choose between the following two actions:

    • Approved for CoE the idea follows the process needed to be developed by a CoE implementation team.
    • Approved for Citizen Developer the idea is further developed by a Citizen Developer in order to become an automation, a ready to consume code created for low risk, simple or medium tasks, activities, or processes.
  4. Based on the flow chosen by the Program Manager there can be two cases:

4.1 Approve for CoE

  1. The idea is updated to Qualification phase, status Approved. The Program Manager needs to add a Project Manager as Collaborator. To do this access the Idea Profile > Collaborators section, and add a user with the Project Manager role. This enables the user to perform all the needed actions in that specific idea, during the Implementation phase.
  2. The assigned Project Manager can perform the actions related to that specific idea in the desired order (there is no specific flow starting this step), but mainly focuses on items like:

  3. As soon as the required Implementation phases are completed the Project Manager updates the idea phase to Live to reflect that the automation implementation is finalized.
Below you can find a graphic display of the above-described idea flow:
docs image

4.2 Approve for Citizen Developer

  1. The idea's phase is updated to Development status Not started available in Implementation view.
  2. A Citizen Development Power User accesses the Implementation view and chooses the idea in order to further develop it.
  3. As soon as the development is completed the idea is moved by the Citizen Development Power User to Technical Review.
  4. A Technical Reviewer performs the code review and, if no updates are required, they approve the automation and change its phase to Live.

CoE-driven Idea

As soon as the idea's Overview, Detailed Assessment, and Assign Process Owner details are saved an Assessment Invitation is sent to the assigned Process Owner asking them to review the Detailed Assessment.

The invitation is sent by email. A task is also assigned for this assignment and can be accessed from My Task - Incomplete section.

As soon as they click Submit assessment the phase of the idea will be updated to Qualification and its status to Awaiting review.

The process then follows the steps 3-4 as mentioned above in the Employee-driven Idea section.

Note: Ideas marked as Archived are stored in the Pipeline forever or until someone deletes them, still, the information associated with them does not impact the Dashboard statistics.
Below you can find a graphic display of the CoE-driven idea flow:
docs image
  • Employee-driven Idea
  • CoE-driven Idea

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