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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

Publishing From the Citizen Development Flow

Sharing an Automation

One entry point for the Automation Store is the Citizen Development idea generation. You can start from the Share an Automation flow and continue with Publish to the Automation Store flow. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Click on Share an automation.

  2. Fill in the Share your Automation form.

  3. Upload the source code for your Automation by clicking on Add File.

  4. Afterwords, to upload your package, click on Add file and then attach your nugpkg correspondent to the Automation (exported locally from Studio).

  5. Click on Submit for Review.

  6. The automation will now have to pass the Business and Technical Approval.
  7. Once the approval flow is complete, the Automation will reach the Live - In Production status and will display the "Publish" button on the Automation Profile

  8. In the slide out, you will find all the nugpkgs attached to the Automation. You have the option to select from an existing nugpkg or add a new one.

  9. By clicking the Publish button, you will publish the Automation to the Store. This means that the selected nugpkg will be associated with the Automation, and this will be important for the consumption part when the user will want to GET the Automation.

  10. View the Automation you just published in the Automation Store.

  • Sharing an Automation

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