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Last updated Jun 27, 2024

About Information

When accessing an Automation Profile page the information first displayed is the one available in the About section. Users who were assigned roles/collaborator roles that include editing rights for the About section have the option to update the information from certain fields available in the About page by accessing it in Edit mode.

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Submitter Name

The submitter's name allows you to see how submitted the automation idea and to see the submitter's profile by clicking on its name.

Idea Source

Here you can find out the automation idea source. It can have the following values:

  • Employee-driven : Automation idea was submitted using the Employee-driven idea questionnaire
  • CoE-driven : Automation idea was submitted using the CoE-driven idea form.
  • Citizen Developer: Automation idea was submitted using the Share Automation form.
  • Process Mining: Automation idea was added via the POST Process Mining Idea API call.

Development Type

The Development Type allows users to choose the source of development for each of the automations ideas from a drop-down list containing the following options:

  • No Development Type
  • CoE
  • Citizen Developer Power User
  • Citizen Developer Self User

Phase and Status

The Phase and the Status allow users to easily update the automation idea journey through the options available in the drop-down lists. For details about each phase and its corresponding status, please check the page.

Date Submitted

The Date Submitted allows users to choose the date when the automation idea was shared. To update it click the arrow next to the date. A calendar is displayed allowing you to update the Submission Date.


The Priority allows users to choose an appropriate level of importance in order to facilitate the decision-making process regarding moving an automation idea forward in the flow. To update it click the arrow next to the section. A drop-down list is displayed allowing you to update the priority using numbers from 1 to 100.

  • If the Development Type or Priority were not set up, the fields are not displayed in the About page - view mode.
  • You can set up the same priority for multiple ideas.

Following Automations

You can choose to Follow automations you are particularly interested in. By doing this, the automation becomes easily accessible from the Workspace > Following module. Also, you will receive notifications when updates are performed in the automation profile page.

Another option actively involving you in the automation idea lifecycle is the Interested. By clicking it, you express your support regarding the implementation of the automation idea or your interest in a citizen developer automation.


The Overview section allows users to add/update the following details:

  • Automation Name, field accepts a maximum of 100 characters;
  • Auto-generated ID: the auto-generated unique ID of the automation idea from the database that can be used in API calls or other purposes.
  • Automation ID: this field enables the Process Owner, Project Manager, and collaborators who have editing rights in the About section to add an (alpha-)numerical ID for each idea. The ID can have a maximum of 50 characters and can include the following special characters: hyphen (-), exclamation mark (!), hash (#), comma (,), underscore (_), and dot (.)
  • Description;
  • Categories. For details about the Categories and how these are set up, please check the Setting up and Managing the Categories.
  • Pain Points;
  • Negative Impact.
  • Tags: Optional field that helps group or create links between different ideas or automations. A list of tags is displayed on selection and a new tag can be created available immediately for selection. Multiple tags for one idea can be added with a maximum of 18 characters per tag.


Shared ideas go through an evaluation process consisting of different levels of assessments.

Check Customize assessments chapter to find out more!


This section allows users who were granted editing rights in the About section to add a text describing the expected benefits, pre-implementation, as well as actual benefits, post-implementation.


This section allows users who were granted editing rights in the About section to add a text describing the difficulties expected and the ones encountered during the implementation.

Lessons Learned

This section allows users who were granted editing rights in the About section to add a text describing the knowledge useful for future implementation.


Users who were granted editing rights in the About section can upload here images and videos associated with the described process.

Uploading Video or Image Files:

  • For better visibility and consumption during the Idea Profile exploration we recommend uploading videos in the profile's About page as here a media player is embedded.
  • Videos can also be uploaded in the Idea Profile Documentation page. Still, no media player is displayed in this case. The video file appears as a card with the download option.
  • The video maximum size is 200 Mb and the accepted format is mp4 only.
  • The image maximum size is 200 Mb and accepted formats are jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Similar Automation Ideas

Users who were granted editing rights in the About section can select/ remove automations identified as being similar to the one that is being reviewed.

By clicking the Add Automation card the Add Similar Automation pop-up is displayed allowing the user to search and link similar automation ideas.

To remove an automation idea from this section simply click the X icon and confirm your action.

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