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Last updated Apr 19, 2024


Release date: 14 November 2022

What's Included in the Build?

With this release, we've added the Branching logic feature for customizing assessments. System Admins can create a branching logic for single choice and multiple choice type of questions, and users can be presented with a relevant set of questions based on the answer they select for the question defined as the start of a branching path.

Find out more about this feature in Branching logic section.

The Change request management feature for ideas and automations is available. The change request is particularly useful for small changes that don't require a completely new automation.

Users with the permission to Submit a change request can create a request from any automation idea. Collaborators with the Submit a change request for an idea or automation collaborator permission assigned can create a change request only for the ideas or automations for which they are a collaborator.

Find out more about this feature in Submit a Change Request.

Convert an Idea into a Change request and Convert a Change Request into an Idea features are now available.

With the proper rights assigned, you can now easily change an idea that was mistakenly submitted as a stand-alone idea instead of being linked to a parent idea, or you can change a submitted Change Request into a standalone idea.

To learn how these features work, check out Change Requests documentation.

Trial Services: You can request a free trial for services that you don't already own, to evaluate if they are useful for your organization.

Edit Idea API

The Edit Automation API call enables Open API users to edit or update a specific idea from Automation Hub.

This endpoint works similar to the POST idea-from-schema endpoint, where you need to first use a GET call ( /automations/{automationId}/schema) to fetch the schema and then use the PATCH api for the actual editing part.

Even if the endpoint allows you to edit certain parameters of an automation idea, there's a specific set of parameters that can be changed only through their dedicated endpoints (an example is the Idea Status, which can be changed only through the automations/status endpoint).

Find out more info in the Swagger Documentation.

Open API updates

  • PUT App Inventory API call is now available to add or edit application entries in bulk. To delete applications, you can use the new DELETE appinventory endpoint.
  • POST idea-from-schema endpoint is now available to submit any type of idea to Automation Hub even if you've customized your assessment. The endpoint needs to be used together with the getquestionnaireschema API, which gets the structure of the live assessment (applicable on all categories).
  • The GET Automations call can now also include Customized Detailed Assessment questions.

    To find out more about API calls, check out the UiPath Automation Hub API Guide.

  • A new section is added in the idea-schema response to display the JSON format expected in the edit/submit idea endpoints. This helps you to easily compose the body/payload when using the Submit Idea or Edit Idea API endpoints.
  • Performance improvements for the GET Automation Pipeline API.

Bug Fixes

We also implemented several minor security, localization and accessibility bug fixes that aren't visible in the UiPath Automation Hub interface via UiPath Automation Suite, but with an improvement to the user experience.

  • What's Included in the Build?
  • Edit Idea API
  • Open API updates
  • Bug Fixes

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