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Last updated Sep 19, 2023

Reviewing My Assigned Tasks

To review the tasks assigned to you follow the below steps:

  1. Access My Tasks > Incomplete view.
  2. Search for the task you want to complete.

    Note: The first column of the table called Task provides a description of the action you are required to do. You can use the filter associated with this column to easily review tasks that require the same type of action.
  3. Click the corresponding three-dotted icon from the Actions column.
  4. Use the View option to quickly access the page where you can complete the action.

    For example, if a task related to an automation or idea profile was assigned to you, clicking the View Auomation Profile option opens the Automation or Idea Profile page allowing you to complete the assigned action.

  5. Once you completed the assigned action return to My task page > Incomplete view > click the corresponding three-dotted icon from the Actions column > select Clear Task.
  6. The task is moved to My Task > Completed view.

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