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Last updated Sep 19, 2023


Find the files and links added by the Submitter and collaborators in the Documentation page. This information can be accessed by all users.

Users can add relevant documentation to the process by using the following options:

  • the Create New Process Document with Task Capture
  • the Add File button.

    Note: These options are available only for the users assigned with editing rights for the Documentation page.

Create New Process Document With Task Capture Card

By clicking the Create button available in the Create New Process Document with Task Capture Card is launched allowing you to document in an easy way the processes described in the automation idea you are reviewing.

Please check the Documenting your Ideas Using Task Capture page for the step by step process.

Add File

As soon as you click the Add File button a pop-up page is displayed allowing you to:

  • Upload the following format files: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, txt, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, .ssp, .zip, .rar, .vsdx, .xaml, .nupkg, .bat, .bmp, .xlsm and .exe. The maximum upload file size is 200 MB.

  • Embed Link in order to add the links for documentation stored in external storage systems like SharePoint. This can help limit access to certain documentation.

Whether you upload or embed a link, the following details can be added:

  • Tile for your file;
  • File Type;
  • Description.

Uploading Video Files:

  • If you would like to upload video files we recommend doing that in the About page as there is a media player embedded.
  • If you choose to upload videos on the Automation Profile Documentation page take into account that this page does not offer an embedded media player. The video file appears as a card with the download option.
  • The video maximum size is 200 Mb and the accepted format is mp4 only.

Types of Documentation

When selecting the type of document, you want to add, be aware of the following differences:

Document Type


Process Design Document

Gathers the business requirements, the as-isprocess, as well as the to-be process post automation.

It is usually added by the Business Analyst.

Solution Design Document

Explains the technical architecture for the automation solution, as it was designed by the Solution Architect.

Development Specification Document

Documents the code written by the RPA developer.

Standard Operating Procedure

A set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations.

Detailed Work Instructions

A step by step guide to perform a single activity within a process.

Process Map

A planning and management tool that visually describes the workflow.

Input file

A computer file containing data that serve as input to a program.

Output file

A computer file containing program output data.


Any document that doesn't fit in the previously listed types.

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