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Last updated Sep 19, 2023

Customizing the High Level Assessment

The High level assessment is part of the Share an Idea form that lets you assess information about the task or process proposed for automation. System Admin and other roles that have the “Customize Assessments” permission assigned can modify the High level assessment to better match the target audience and obtain a relevant idea score for their organization that will allow making informed decisions.

Go to Platform Setup in Admin Console and select the Customize assessments option, which, for the High level assessment, allows you to:

  • Customize - start the customization process of the High level assessment;
  • See live preview - see a preview of the Share an Idea form as it is currently published to the users;

What Can Be Customized

After selecting Customize, you can do the following:

Add a New Question

You have the option to create additional questions either at the end or in between the existing questions.

Click on the New Question button and you can now start to add the necessary details.




Mandatory field for any question added, limited to 150 characters.


Description can be added for each question, limited to 500 characters.

Answer Options

A minimum of 2 and maximum of 20 answer options should be defined for any single choice or multiple choice question;

Limited to 300 characters.

You can add, remove or reorder answers.

Question Type

You can select from 4 types available:

  • Single Choice (selected by default when a new question is added)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free text
  • Free text with formatting


You can toggle the following options:

  • Required
  • Show question
  • Show a comments section
  • Impacts Idea Score
Note: The High-level assessment can have a maximum of 50 questions.

To remove a question from the assessment, just press Delete question button. Once the customize page is saved as a draft or published, you cannot recover the deleted question.

Reorder Questions

Questions can be reordered so you can prioritize the list of questions in the form. To reposition a question, identify the Move Question reorder icon displayed on the right side corner of the question and drag&drop before/after other question.
docs image

Question Type

Questions can be of different types as follows:

Question Type


Single Choice

Users who fill in the Share an Idea form can select only one answer for this question type.

Can impact the Idea Score.

Multiple Choice

Users who fill in the Share an Idea form can select multiple answers for this question type.

Can impact the Idea Score.

Free text

Text field limited to 100 characters.

It cannot impact the Idea Score since the answers are not quantifiable.

Free text with formatting

Text area with multiple formatting options limited to 10000 characters.

It cannot impact the Idea Score since the answers are not quantifiable.

Question Settings

The settings available for each question are detailed as follows:

Setting name



Toggle :

  • ON → question will be mandatory for submitting the Share an Idea form.
  • OFF → question will be optional for submitting the Share an Idea form.

Show question

Toggle :

  • ON → the question will be displayed in the Share an Idea form.
  • OFF → the question will be hidden from the Share an Idea form.

Show comments section

Toggle :

  • ON → users will be able to add a comment when answering the question.
  • OFF → there will be no comments field displayed below the question in the Share an Idea form.

Impacts idea score

Toggle :

  • ON → the answer score from this question will be considered in the algorithm that computes the idea score. The weight of the question can be edited by clicking on the Question weight pencil icon.
  • OFF → question will not be considered in the algorithm that computes the idea score.

Question Weight Editor

The Idea Score indicator is computed as a weighted average between the questions that have the "Impacts idea score" setting ON. You can modify the weight of each question that will be taken into account in the algorithm that computes the idea score. Below you can see how to customize the weight distribution of each question from the High level assessment.

The Split evenly option allows you to decide if equal weights should be applied for all the questions or define a specific weight for every question. Keep in mind that all weights need to add up to 100.

Show only weighted questions option lets you see only the questions that impact the idea score. When toggled OFF, all the questions are shown, but only those that impact the idea score can have the points modified.

Note: If the sum of all weights is higher or lower than 100 a warning message is displayed informing you how many points you need to add or remove in order to obtain 100.

Modifying Existing Questions of UiPath Default Assessment;

Default questions from the UiPath assessment can also be customized as follows:

  • First four questions can be made optional or hidden from the Share an Idea form. The comments section can be hidden and the impact idea score setting turned off. Also, the question type can be modified as needed.
  • The question referring to existing documentation related to the task/process helps in building a stronger case for your automation idea. You are allowed to modify its settings, the question weight, add new answer options, but you cannot do the following:

    • Modify the answer scores;
    • Modify the default answers;
    • Delete the default answer options;
    • Delete the entire question.

Note: If a new answer option is added, when a business user attaches a file next to that new answer option while sharing an idea, the uploaded document will be saved in the Documentation page as a Miscellaneous (Misc.) file type.
  • At the end of the default questions the Assign Process Owner section is available, where you have the option to decide whether the Process Owner question should be displayed or not in the form. The purpose of this question is to select a user who will be invited to fill in a more detailed assessment for the automation idea. The question has the Required and Show question settings available.

    When everything is set up, you can click the Save and publish button in the right bottom corner of the page, to publish the assessment. A pop-up message will inform you about the consequences of publishing a changed assessment will be displayed requesting you to Publish or cancel.

    Note: After publishing the customized version, the business users will see the updated High level assessment in Share an Idea form.

Save as a draft option allows you to save the customized form and close the edit mode. You will be able to continue customizing the form at a later time.

If a user has an employee-driven idea draft and the high-level assessment questionnaire gets updated, a pop-up is displayed informing that the Share an idea questionnaire has been updated by an administrator and the entire form should be reviewed.

  • When entering the edit mode of an idea or resuming a draft, you will see the questions and their answers with the updated text.
  • When resuming a draft, the disabled/deleted questions will no longer be displayed in the form.
  • When resuming a draft, the new questions added in the customization page will be displayed in the form. The user needs to review the entire form and ensure that all mandatory questions have been answered to successfully submit the form.

Selecting Preview lets you see how the assessment form will look like with the changes made.

You can always click on Cancel button and discard any changes made, or Reset to default if you wish to cancel all customization changes done and return to the UiPath default High level assessment.

Note: Only the UiPath default form can be translated to another language available in Automation Hub. If a new question is added to the default assessment or at least one question is changed, then the Share an Idea form will no longer be translated.

Impact on Existing Automation Profiles

Publishing a customized version of the High level assessment impacts the existing Automation Profiles as described below:

Customization action


Questions or descriptions are edited

Editing an existing automation idea will show the updated questions and descriptions.

New answer options are added or removed

Editing an existing automation idea will show the updated answers list.

If a selected answer was removed from a question that is marked as mandatory, you will need to select another answer to submit the assessment.

The Idea Score will be recalculated if you select a newly added answer for a question that impacts the score.

Questions are disabled or deleted

All questions that had an answer provided will be displayed grayed out in the view mode of the automation profile with a note that they are no longer part of the assessment.

Weights are modified or the Impacts idea score setting is modified for at least one question

The idea score is recalculated for existing automation ideas only if you go in the edit mode of a certain automation idea and save the About page.

New mandatory questions are added

When resuming a drafted automation idea, the newly added questions will be mandatory for submitting the form.

When editing an existing automation idea, it will be optional to answer the new questions in order to save the About page.

New optional questions are added

Editing an existing automation idea or resuming a draft will show the new questions. It will be optional to answer the new questions to save the About page.

Note: Once the High Level Assessment is customized in Admin Console, the algorithm no longer computes the Readiness and Suitability score. Only an Idea Score is displayed, representing an overall score indicating how good a candidate the idea is for automation.

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