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November 2022

22 November 2022

What’s New

Using shared connection

As part of the Integration Service public preview, you can now use shared connections in a folder, as well as connections from your personal space.


21 November 2022

Delayed Update organizations

This feature is available for enterprise customers with an Advanced Tier license.
Please contact the UiPath Sales team for more information on how to become an Advance Tier customer.

With Delayed Update organizations, you benefit from a minimum of two weeks from the time updates are announced in these release notes before the changes reach your organization. This allows you to prepare for upcoming changes before they reach your production environment.

For more information about our delayed release strategy, see When do updates become available.

10 November 2022

What’s New

Automation Launchpad

UiPath’s Product team is always working on new automation-powered apps to share with the community as fuel for your journey. This brings a new section in the guide, UiPath First-Party Apps.
Our first app for this section is Automation Launchpad, a UiPath first-party App that provides an out-of-the-box framework that you can use to quickly start and scale your user-facing automation program.


Search apps

You can now search between apps from the UiPath Apps homepage. To do so, use the search bar from the top of the page.


Bug Fixes

Previously, when adding a record into an entity with a Datepicker.value into a DateTime type field, the added date was one day before, for example 14.10.2022 instead of 15.10.2022. This is now fixed and the date works as expected using Datepicker.value.

When can I see these changes?

The date when a change is first announced in the release notes is the date when it first becomes available.
If you don't see the change yet, you can expect to see it soon, after we roll out changes to all the regions.

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November 2022

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