UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Setting up the Project in Admin Console

To control the process discovery initiatives the Company Admin sets up projects and manages the users who participate in the data harvesting process in the Admin Console by following the below steps:

Set up your Account in Admin Console

Task Mining is available in both a web-based format as well as a first-party service in Automation Cloud. This is why the account setup process is slightly different.

Admin Console Web-based portal

  1. Check for the Admin Console invitation email received from your UiPath Representative.
  2. Access the Admin Console by clicking the link from this email and set a new password.

First-Party Service in Automation Cloud

Check out the Managing Users page from the Automation Cloud Guide for the step by step information on how to set up Admin Users in the Task Mining tenant from the Automation Cloud.

Create your Project(s)

  1. On the Projects page click Add Project.
  1. Fill in the Project Name and Description.



The following setup steps need to be completed for each new project you add in Task Mining.

Invite Users

  1. Access the Team tab and click Invite to ask users from your organization to participate in the project.



If you invite users to a project created in the Task Mining tenant from Automation Cloud note that the invitation process is slightly different. Please check the Managing Task Mining Projects in Cloud page for details.

  1. In the Send to field, type in the user's email addresses and click Send. The invited users will receive an email containing a link to download the Client App and an Invitation Code to register.


Recommendations for the user registration:

  • It is recommended to have 2-3 users for 2 weeks or 3-5 users for 1 week for each study
  • Users should be involved in similar activities, using applications listed for recording in a comparable manner (which is extremely important when selecting Web Browsers to be captured by users).
  • If you want to focus on department-specific tasks one Company Admin needs to be set up for each department.
  • For recording standard tasks you can invite fewer users to record data.
  • For recording creative/non-standardized tasks you need more users to record data.



For each of your projects, you need to create a particular user list. Once a user is invited to a project, they can't be invited to another project.

Configure the Project Settings

  1. Access the Project Settings tab.
  2. Click the Edit option corresponding to the Configure Upcoming Output section. The fields become editable.
  3. Set up the Network Shared Folder.

Please check the Configure Upcoming Output page for details about each option.

  1. Click the Edit option corresponding to the Set the Goals You Want to be Achieved. The fields become editable.
  2. Set up the Project and User Goals for the data you want to gather.



The minimal number of hours that can be set as a Total Recording time, hours goal for the project is 60. If the number of hours added in this filed is lower than 60 the following message is displayed: Projects with less time recorded do not produce meaningful results. The goal is set to default.

Please check the Set the Goals you want to be Achieved page for details about each option.

  1. Under the Recorded Applications section, create the recorded applications list. Make sure that the name you enter is the same as an executable file name and is in the .exe format. The Client App** will log only data for these applications.
    Please check the Recorded Applications page for details about each option.



For each of your projects, you need to configure its Settings specifications.

Start the Recording Process

After the invited users have successfully installed the Client App access the Team tab and Start recording data.

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Setting up the Project in Admin Console

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