UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Setting up the Local Data Store

To collect, and store processed data, you as the Company Admin need to set up the Local Data Store, a shared folder in the local network.



Before setting the Local Data Store, make sure that users have permission to access and add/edit files in the space.

Setup Local Data Store

Below you can find an example of how to set up the Local Data Store using a shared folder created on your computer, however, you may want to use a secure shared drive in the local network.

  1. Create a folder.
  1. Click Share and choose Specific people.
  1. Create a new user or use All and click Add.
  1. Check that your users have permission to write into the folder.
    For this example click Permission Level, choose Read/Write and click Share.
  1. Right-click the folder and select Copy Link.

Modify the copied link to the correct format necessary for the JSON file.

  1. What gets copied to your clipboard:
  • shared-folder (file://test-computer/shared-folder/)
  1. Modified for JSON:
  • \\test-computer\shared-folder
  • Modifications include:
  • Changing from a web link to a directory path (change forward slashes to backslashes & remove “file:”).
  • Doubling the backslashes (this is because JSON reads a backslash as a special character to escape certain characters).

Enable Public Folder Sharing

Make sure you have Public Folder Sharing enabled on the machine hosting your shared folder by following the steps:

  1. Open Control Panel > Network > Internet\Network > Sharing Center.
  2. Click Change advanced sharing settings in the left-hand side navigation.
  3. Expand the All Networks section, click Turn on….
  4. Click Save changes.

After setting up the Local Data Store, verify that:

  • All the users can access it and have the right to add files.
  • The setup is correctly configured. Do this by sending a user invitation to yourself, install the Client App, add the Local Data Store folder path to the config.json file and upload it to Admin Console. Check if the files are being saved into the Local Data Store.

Please find below the video format for the above-mentioned steps:

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Setting up the Local Data Store

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