UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview

Resetting the Project Settings

If during the project development you need to update or reset some of the settings initially established you can do so by accessing the Settings module and clicking Edit on the specific set of actions.

Before resetting any of the initial settings we recommend you keep in mind the following information:

  • To apply new Settings, the existing configuration, statistics, and individually requested applications should be Reset.
  • Recorded data stored on the user’s machines will be Deleted.



It's possible to apply new Settings to an existing project without resetting and deleting data if the Network Shared Folder or High Precision of Capturing settings were altered in an existing configuration. In this case, the option Do not delete users recorded data when saving settings is made available.

  • The data stored in Network Shared Folder is not removed automatically. Please empty the folder manually to maintain data consistency.
  • Configuration reset and users' data deletion can not be undone.


If issues occur during processing data to the specified Network Shared Folder resetting the data could corrupt its structure. Please use this option to troubleshoot critical issues only. The changes are applied only after the user deletes their config file while the Task Mining application is shut down.

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Resetting the Project Settings

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