UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Release date: 21 May 2021

What’s New


  • New analysis executions will now produce grouped tasks in the analysis results table. Task groups are defined by the Task Mining model combining similar tasks found in a dataset. A group of tasks can be expanded to show task alternatives or collapsed to show only the representative task.


Admin Console

  • Continuous upload is set as a default setting for new Task Mining projects.
  • User Interface fixes and improvements.
  • Admin Console pages are now supporting Dark Theme.


  • XAML export is improved and now contains all screenshots and selectors of the exported trace.
  • Import feature of analysis results via the .zip file is improved.
  • User Interface fixes and improvements.

Client App

  • Improved desktop app performance by lowering resource consumption when recording or idle.
  • The Client App is now updated to version 21.05.21.

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May 2021

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