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Inviting Users

Prerequisites and limitations

To add a user to a project in Task Mining service instance, the user needs to:

  • Have an active account in Automation Cloud.
    :white-check-mark: If a user's Cloud invitation is in Pending status, they can be invited to a Task Mining project, but the user cannot sign in to the Client App until they complete the Cloud registration.
  • Be registered in the Task Mining tenant.
    :white-check-mark: If the user account is not displayed in the Task Mining User Invitation form it means that the user is not registered in the Automation Cloud tenant.

Inviting users to a project

Follow the below steps to send an invitation email containing the Recorder Installer Link to the selected user(s):

  1. From the Project page, in the Team tab, click Invite.
  1. The Invitation form view is displayed.
  1. Select the user(s) by using the dropdown menu or type in the work email address. Only users that accepted invitations to Automation Cloud can be selected.


Team Limit

Not more than 7 users can be invited to a project. 2-5 users recommended.

  1. Select the Recorder type. You can choose to send the EXE installer link, MSI installer link, or don't send an installer at all if the invited user already has the Client App installed.
  2. Click Assign. By default, the user will be assigned a Recording User role.
  3. A confirmation message shows up and an email containing the link to download the Client App is sent to the selected user(s).

Start the recording process

After the invited users have successfully installed the Client App, access the Team tab and Start the data recording process.


Removing a user from a project

To remove a user from a specific project, use the steps below:

  1. From the Project page, in the Team tab, select the user you wish to remove.
  1. Select the Delete button from the right side of the screen, or you can also use the three-dotted menu, from the user actions and select Delete.
  2. A dialog appears, asking for confirmation on the deleting process. Select Delete.
  3. The user is now removed from the project and can be added to another project.

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Inviting Users

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