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Inviting Users

Prerequisites and Limitations

To add a user to a project created in your Task Mining service instance the user needs to:

  • have an active account in Automation Cloud.
    :white-check-mark: If a user's Cloud invitation is in Pending status, they can be invited to a Task Mining project, but the user cannot sign in to the Client App until they complete the Cloud registration.
  • be registered in the Task Mining tenant.
    :white-check-mark: If the user account is not displayed in the Task Mining User Invitation form it means that the user is not registered in the Automation Cloud tenant.

Inviting Users to your Projects

Follow the below steps to send an invitation email containing the Installer Link to the selected user(s):

  1. Click Invite.
  2. The Invitation form is displayed.
  3. Type in the user(s) work email address. Only users that accepted invitations to Automation Cloud can be selected.


Team Limit

Not more than 7 users can be invited to a project. 2-5 users recommended.

  1. Click Send.

The email containing the link to download the Client App is sent to the selected user(s).

Invitation Form Information

To invite users to download the Client App and join the recording process please complete the invitation form as specified below:

  • Enter the email addresses(es) of the user you want to invite in the Send to field
  • If desirable, you can customize the invitation with a personalized Message.
  • Select the type of installer to be sent: task-mining-setup.exe or task-mining-setup.msi
    Please check the Installation page for details about each file type.
    You also have the option not to include an installation file if the invited user already has the Client App installed.

Recommendations for User Registration

  • It is recommended to have 2-3 users for 2 weeks or 3-5 users for 1 week for each project.
  • Users should be involved in similar activities, using applications listed for recording in a comparable manner (which is extremely important when selecting Web Browsers to be captured by users).
  • If you want to focus on department-specific tasks, one Company Admin needs to be set up for each department.
  • For recording standard tasks you can invite fewer users to record data.
  • For recording creative/non-standardized tasks you need more users to record data.

Start the Recording Process

After the invited users have successfully installed the Client App, access the Team tab and Start the data recording process.

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Inviting Users

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