UiPath Task Mining - Preview

The UiPath Task Mining Guide - Preview


UiPath Task Mining is a process discovery solution created for customers who want to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) quickly with enterprise-scale manageability and optimization from day one.

Quick Overview

  • An assigned Company Admin from your organization sets up, monitors and coordinates the discovery process in order to accommodate all the company's needs. This is done through a centralized Admin Console.
  • The step by step business process is discovered and recorded by collecting data from the employees' workstations while they perform their business tasks. AI is used to analyze captured tasks and determine common processes.
    • The data gathered for each recorded process is put together and displayed in a comprehensible and ready to use Process Map Diagram were you can analytically identify and prioritize RPA ideas and turn them into real automation using an RPA platform.

Use Cases

Task Mining allows customers to record the actions of selected users, analyze them together, and expose the results in various dashboards in order to:

  • Identify repetitive tasks as prime candidates for automation using our RPA platform;
  • Identify inefficiencies in the standard processes being used across the organization (and open the possibility to optimize them, even without or before RPA);
  • Identify deviations from the standard process that some Users might enact, and allow the customer targeted measures;
  • Monitor general performance, compliance, and workload for the users.


  • Capture real employee data without interruption to their usual activities.
  • Automatically collect, assess, and thoroughly document business processes made by employees through a centralized, controllable capturing process ran in an Admin panel.
  • Option to easily customize your projects and set up capturing settings at the beginning and during the execution in order to capture the most relevant information.
  • Collect process screenshots and smart data (number of steps, clicks, and execution time).
  • Track and manage the collected information in one place.
  • Keep stakeholders informed by using graphical displays of real-time data.
  • Data can be effortlessly uploaded in and retrieved from the application.
  • This solution needs minimal installation and infrastructure.
  • Accurately determine if the process is suitable for automation based on the Process Map Diagram.



Check out the Task Mining presentation page.

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