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The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Enabling the service

Because Unassisted Task Mining and Assisted Task Mining is a service within Automation Cloud please consider that all the users involved in the discovery process need to have an account in Automation Cloud.

The on-premises version of Unassisted Task Mining is available via Automation Suite.


Rights in Task Mining

It is recommended to assign only User rights from Automation Cloud Portal, and if needed, add Process SME and Admin rights from the Task Mining User management.

Enabling Task Mining Service

To start using the Task Mining service, you need to enable it on a selected cloud tenant.



We encourage you to add a separate tenant for your Task Mining instance as it is easier to manipulate and supervise after setting up and launching your recording projects.

For the Task Mining service to be correctly set up the following services need to be enabled on each of the tenants where it will be used:

  • the Task Mining service that allows you to manage users and set up your projects;
  • the AI Center service that allows you to complete the data analysis stage. (AI Center is required for the Unassisted Task Mining only)

:white-check-mark: Before enabling the service please check the Prerequisites.
:white-check-mark: Please check the About Tenants page for more details about Automation Cloud tenants.
:white-check-mark: You can also check the AI Center User Guide for more details about this service.



Task Mining is a tenant-level service signifying that each tenant's data is segregated. This means that you need to enable the service for each of the tenants where this is needed.

Follow the steps below to enable the Task Mining service on a tenant:

  1. Check that you have a license for Task Mining on the respective tenant.
  2. Go to the Automation Cloud webpage and log in with your UiPath account.
  3. Click the Admin button.
  4. Click Add Tenant.
    Optionally, you can click Tenants to display the list of available tenants and enable the service for an already existing tenant. For more details about managing the tenants please check the About Tenants page from the Automation Cloud guide.
  1. The tenant form is displayed on the right-hand side.
    • If you want to create a new tenant, enter a suitable name for your tenant and select the Task Mining service. AI Center service is enabled automatically as it is essential for data analysis.


Tenant Services

To use Assisted Task Mining, only the Task Mining service needs to be selected. For Unassisted Task Mining, both AI Center and Task Mining services need to be selected.

  • If you want to edit an existing tenant select the Task Mining service and also check if AI Center service is enabled.



Task Mining Service and AI Center must be enabled for data upload and data analysis functionalities to be available.

When accessing the newly created/updated tenant, the Task Mining and AI Center services are displayed on the left-hand side panel. If you access the tenant list the services are displayed in the corresponding column for the tenant.



AI Units

  • To work with Unasisted Task Mining you need to have AI units on your account. Each Analysis Run consumes 5,000 AI Units.
  • There's no additional charge for using the Assisted Task Mining functionality as it doesn't consume AI units.

Granting permissions to create a project - Applicable to Assisted Task Mining and Unassisted Task Mining

Using the Manage Access feature, in the Assigned roles tab, a list of Users/Groups and permissions is displayed.
You can assign Administrator permissions to a specific user or group by following the below steps:

  1. Select Assign Administrator role on the right side of the screen.
  1. The assign form view is displayed where you can see the granted permissions and search for a user/email or group.
  1. Select Assign and a confirmation message is shown.

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Enabling the service

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