UiPath Task Mining

The UiPath Task Mining Guide

Output Configuration

Configure Upcoming Output

Output configuration is a mandatory setting that is used to configure the display of the output document. Configure the way you want the information to be processed by using one of the below options:

  • Continuous Upload (recommended) - data is uploaded as soon as users have processed (ready for analysis) data available.
  • Via shared drive (using the Uploader tool)



All data is encrypted before being sent to the service and remains encrypted until a model job-specific container is created for processing and then the results are again encrypted before being written to disk.

Continuous Upload

To configure the continuous upload:

  1. Choose an existing or create a new AI Center project
    To create a project
    1.1. Access the AI Center service.
    1.2. Click Create Project.
    1.3. Enter the name and the description of your project. Click Create.
  1. Click Save to apply changes.

Network Shared Folder



This option requires manual work and additional supervision. It is advised to use the Continuous option, if possible.

Collecting data using this option requires first setting up a network shared folder and later installing an additional desktop component Study Uploader.

  • In the Network Shared Folder area specify a path to a network shared drive that can be accessed by users with write permissions. Use the following path format: format: \\network\folder\path
  • The Available intermittently checkbox enables you to continue the recording process in case the Network Shared Folder you set up is not available and keeps the recorded data locally until the access to the folder is restored.

PII Data Masking

Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that, when used alone or with other relevant data, can identify an individual. This can be switched on or off based on your preference.

PII detection model looks for a standard pre-configured limited category of content.

  • Sensitive PII information includes legal statistics such as:

PII Type


Social Security Number (SSN)

It is a 9-digit number issued to US citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents.

Credit/Debit Card

The number, expiration date, and card verification code for a credit or debit card.

Banking Routing

A US bank account routing number. These are typically 9 digits long.


A phone number. Including fax and pager numbers.


A physical address, such as "Suite #1, Building 1234". An address can include a street, building, location, city, state, country, county, zip, precinct, neighborhood, and more.


An individual's name, but does not include titles, such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Dr.


An email address, such as [email protected]

License ID

The number assigned to a driver's license is an official document permitting an individual to operate one or more motorized vehicles on a public road. A driver's license number consists of alphanumeric characters.


Passport numbers range from 6 - 9 alphanumeric characters.

Example of PII Data MaskingExample of PII Data Masking

Example of PII Data Masking



For the PII Masking feature to work as intended, the desktop application version 21.6.71 or higher must be installed.

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Output Configuration

Configure Upcoming Output

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