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Assisted Task Mining captures traces and variations of a task automatically with a recording client or via user input to build the trace manually. With Assisted Task Mining, you capture the multiple variations of your task and find similarities and differences between them by merging traces together.

Use Cases

Assisted Task Mining is utilized when you know your task and want to learn more about its bottlenecks and variations to drive actionability.

In the ATM project type, it's recommended to capture different traces (variations) of the same task that can be recorded by the same or different users (up to 10).

After the collecting of the traces is finished, the project owner/CoE lead/BA/Automation Champion can review the collected results and merge them to find the similarities and differences. They can then annotate and edit the merged trace and export to a xaml Studio file or documentation like a process design diagram.

Examples of use cases include, but are not limited to capturing and reviewing:

  • Invoice Processing steps such as manual data entry of line items.
  • Purchase Order creation steps in various systems.
  • Account Reconciliation activities across applications.
  • Customer Service Ticket creation and completion tasks.
  • New Hire Approval in Human Resources.

This feature isn't limited to the use case examples above as it can be leveraged for many types of tasks that leverage multiple applications and steps with variations for completion.


  • Improved performance and user experience(UX) of diagram building because of the core capabilities of Task Capture, which has been merged with Task Mining.
  • No more challenges of sending the files over SharePoint, Drive courtesy of the Unified Portal, which serves as the common storage space for all Task Mining projects.
  • Easy to collect recordings from multiple users, easy to share projects with colleagues. Earlier, it was challenging to collect multiple files from different users from multiple places. Now, with one single space for all Task Mining projects, multiple users can collaborate at the same time.
  • Automatic and Guided approaches for merging multiple traces of the same task, reduced manual efforts in combining multiple recordings to get a full view of the process.
  • Accelerate automation and documentation by exporting the generated task skeleton to Studio, Process Definition Document in Word format, or exporting diagram as image file.


Assisted Task Mining In Automation Suite

Assisted Task Mining is going to be available in Automation Suite with the 2023.10 release.

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