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UiPath Studio allows you to create two types of standalone automation projects: process or library. Processes can incorporate all types of workflows, sequence, flowchart, state machine and global exception handler, while the latter isn't available for libraries. Moreover, libraries can be added as dependencies to automation processes.

When you start a new process in Studio, a folder is created with your custom name to the selected location. Projects are saved in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UiPath directory by default, unless this location is manually changed.


  • 系统将自动创建一个 Main.xaml 文件,其中应包含您的主工作流。
  • all other automation .xaml files included in the project. Please note that these files have to be linked to the Main.xaml through the Invoke Workflow File activity, because only the Main.xaml file is executed when you run a job.
  • 如果您正在使用用户界面自动化,则为 .screenshots 文件夹。
  • project.json 文件,包含有关自动化项目的信息。


使用新版 Studio 创建的项目可能不适用于旧版 Studio。详情请参阅向后和向前兼容性



语义版本控制方案采用 Major.Minor.Patch[-Suffix] 格式,其中:

  • Major 是主要版本。
  • Minor 是次要版本。
  • Patch 是补丁版本。
  • -Suffix(可选)是连字符加一串句点分隔的标识符,紧接在补丁版本后。这表示预发行版本。

标识符必须仅由 ASCII 字母数字和连字符组成,并且不得为空。数字标识符不得以零开头。此外,内部版本元数据必须通过以下方式表示:附加一个加号及一串以句点分隔的标识符,紧接在补丁版本或预发行版本后面,例如 1.0.0-alpha+1。

在新建流程或库时,默认版本方案是语义版本。可以从“发布”窗口中更改,只需在版本号中添加额外一位数字即可。项目的语义版本可也从 project.json 文件修改。版本号为 major.minor 的项目将自动添加补丁编号 0。


为项目生成的传统版本号采用 M.m.bbbb.rrrrr 格式,其中:

  • M 表示主要版本。
  • m 表示次要版本。
  • bbbb 表示内部版本。
  • rrrrr 表示修订版本。

也可以在 project.json 文件中编辑主要版本和次要版本,而内部版本和修订版本是根据某种算法生成 - 内部版本值是指自 01.01.2000 以来经过的天数。修订值是当天至发布时所经过的秒数。其结果除以 2,使得最大的修订编号不会超过 65535。

“发布”窗口中的建议版本号基于项目的以往版本控制方案生成,对于采用 4 位数版本控制方案的项目则考虑使用当前的日期和时间戳。

Adjusting Project Settings

A set of individual settings can be established for each automation project that you’re working on. Such settings are available in the Project Settings window, which can be opened by clicking the settings_icon in the Project panel.

Field Description for the Settings Window



Change the name of the project. Such names may contain whitespace characters. When naming projects, keep in mind that whitespace characters are removed at publish time. This field accepts up to 128 characters.


Change the project description. This field accepts up to 500 characters.

Disable Pause

Enable or prevent users from pausing processes in the Robot tray. Set to Yes if pausing the process during execution would result in crashing it. For example, if an activity in your workflow uses the Timeout property, pausing the execution might cause the timeout to expire, thus breaking the execution.

Starts in Background

Set to Yes to turn the project in a Background Process and allow it to run in the background concurrently with other processes, as long as it does not use UI interaction.

Supports Persistence

Set to Yes to turn the project in an Orchestration Process.

单击“确定”,所做的更改即可在“项目”面板和 project.json 文件中查看。



请注意,每当要将一个序列中的大量活动复制到另一个序列时,我们均建议您事先向下滚动到“设计器”面板底部。这是因为 Windows Workflow Foundation 限制的关系。

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