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Marketplace Widget Release Notes


Release date: 31 May 2022

This version contains multiple bug fixes and improvements.


Release date: 9 May 2022

This version contains multiple bug fixes and improvements.


Release date: 25 February 2022


Visual changes have been introduced to match our other products.


Release date: 15 December 2021


Sorting Automations

Starting with version 1.2.0 of the Marketplace widget, you can sort the list of ready-to-go automations by the following options:

  • Recommended (Default).
  • Alphabetical.
  • Rating.
  • Most Downloaded.



Marketplace Widget 1.2.0 is compatible with UiPath Assistant 2021.12 version and higher.

:warning: Erratum 17 December 2021: added note about the minimum Assistant version.


Release date: 29 November 2021


This release brings a couple of accessibility improvements.


Release date: 28 September 2021

What’s New

Update Marketplace Components

When a new version of an automation gets published in Marketplace, a note appears under the process name and you are able to install the update directly from the UiPath Assistant by opening the Details Panel and clicking on Update. The change is also pushed to the Orchestrator Personal Workspace.

In the Process Details panel, a new tab describes what's included in the updated version.


The detailed view of the process has been updated to only show the important fields of the process, this means that empty fields are hidden to free up space in the user interface.

Certified Statuses

On the detail panel of Marketplace process, the “certified” status has been added in order to provide information about the certification of the process:

Icons Improvements

Processes available in the marketplace widget can now display the icon set in Studio, if no icon is configured for a process, the first letter in the process name is shown instead.


Release Date: 29 June 2021

The UiPath Marketplace Widget provides an easy way for business users to access pre-built automations that are published in the Marketplace. With multiple reusable listings covering numerous industries and use cases, you no longer need to build everything from scratch over and over again.

All of this is available in the UiPath Assistant through the Marketplace Widget.

The Marketplace Widget is enabled by default for all users, and appears in the UiPath Assistant as a new tab in the header.

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Marketplace Widget Release Notes

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