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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Robot Citrix Apps Virtualization


Using Citrix Apps, you can launch the UiPath® Assistant and Robot on virtual machines and run attended automations in Citrix environments without having the UiPath® Assistant or Robot installed on your machine.

How it works

When you launch the UiPath® Assistant as a Citrix App, it runs on the virtual machine and you can interact with it from your personal computer. This also launches the robot on the same virtual machine, which runs in the same Citrix context and inherits the permissions of the logged in Citrix user.

When an application is used by a process, that application is running on the same virtual machine as the robot and its UI is displayed on your personal computer.

Important: The robot can only work with applications in the same Citrix context. For example, if an automation needs to use Google Chrome, it must be launched from the same virtual machine as the robot.

Below you can see the flow diagram of a simple Citrix Apps environment:

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