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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Robot Executor

The robot executor (UiPath.Executor.exe) is the robot component directly responsible for executing a process. When a job is started, the robot service launches a robot executor instance.

The Executor is always aware of DPI settings per-monitor. As a result, workflows can be executed at any DPI, regardless of the configuration on the machine they were created on. For apps that are DPI-unaware, or intentionally marked as unaware, you can choose to disable DPI.

Executor types

Based on the automation project, the robot service launches the type of executor intended to run the automation.

There is a type of executor for each of the automation project type available:

Project Type


Supported platforms


Windows - Legacy


Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

.NET Framework 4.6.1



Windows (64-bit)

.NET 6 with Windows support



Windows, Linux, and macOS (64-bit)

.NET 6 with cross-platform support

Pre loaded executor

Always having an additional executor ready to run an automation improves process execution start time.

By default, the following pre-loaded executors are automatically launched when the robot starts:

  • On Windows : Windows and Legacy

  • On Mac : Cross-platform (Portable)

You can overwrite the default behavior by adding the UIPATH_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR user environment variable to the robot machine with the value None. This way, the pre-loaded executor only starts when the first process is run.

To completely disable the pre-loaded executor feature, add the UIPATH_DISABLE_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR environment variable to the robot machine with the value set to "True".


The pre-loaded executor feature is only available for attended execution processes started from UiPath Assistant, RobotJS, Studio, or the command line interface. An unattended job started from Orchestrator launches a single executor when the job starts.

  • Executor types
  • Pre loaded executor

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