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Last updated Jul 15, 2024

Errors When Running as Administrator

Observed Behavior

Starting with the v2020.4 release, running the UiPath® Assistant or Studio as Administrator, they are not going to be able to communicate with the Robot Service, which can throw the following errors:


The Robot Status displays a "Robot Error" message, and when trying to run or debug a process, an "Access Denied" error is displayed.

UiPath® Assistant

The connection status in the Assistant is incorrectly reported offline and the process list is not available.


UiPath® Assistant and Studio (clients) require communication with Robot Service. This is a separate Windows process, which is automatically started by the client if it is not already running, with the same elevation level as the client.

For example:

  • If Assistant was started with a privilege level (which automatically started the Robot Service with the same privilege level) and then Studio is started with a different privilege level, the Robot Service can communicate only with the one on the same privilege level (Assistant).
  • If Assistant was started normally, then closed, then started as Administrator, communication will be broken because the Robot Service was initially started with normal privileges.

Since the Robot Service has a different permission level than the Assistant, or Studio, they are not able to communicate and the errors presented above are seen.

Note: The behavior described is applicable to both User Mode and Service Mode Robots.


To avoid this, make sure that Assistant, Studio and the Robot Service always run with the same privilege level.

Note: It is recommended to run the UiPath® Assistant, Studio and Robot with user-level privileges. For special circumstances when elevation is needed, you need to make sure that both UiPath.Studio.exe and UiPath.Assistant.exe are configured to run with administrator rights by default. In this setup, command line must also be used with elevated permissions.
Important: The Robot JavaScript Add-on cannot run in elevated mode.
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