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Last updated Jul 1, 2024

About the Robot JavaScript SDK


A few things need to be considered first, such as having Studio and Robot v2019.10 or greater, connecting the Robot to Orchestrator, and installing the Robot JavaScript add-on. With the add-on installed, download the JavaScript SDK and use these SDK specifications to build your custom application or web page.

To use the JavaScript SDK, the JS Add-On for Robot needs to be installed on the end-user's machine where the Process is executed. The Robot Add-In exposes a secure communication layer between your application or web page and the UiPath® Robot on the target machine so that commands can be received and executed.


For the RobotJS Add-on to work on Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, make sure to use Robot JS version 1.2.5 or newer and Robot version higher or equal than 2021.4.4.

Starting with the 1.2.7 Robot JavaScript SDK release, the following macOS platforms are supported:

  • ARMv8
  • AMD64

Getting the JavaScript SDK

The Robot JavaScript SDK is provided out-of-the box for Studio v2020.4 version and greater. The Robot JavaScript SDK is available under Apache 2.0 License and can be downloaded and installed from the following sources:


The SDK is available as an NPM package with TypeScript bindings. You can include it in your project by running the following at the root of your project directory.

npm install --save @uipath/robot


The easiest way to include the SDK is to add it before the closing of your </body> tag.

<script href="https//"/>

Direct Download

Through direct download you can get the Minified Version of the Robot Javascript SDK in a .js package.
Direct Download


The Developer Guide combined with the User Guide offer a comprehensive overview of the SDK and JavaScript Add-on for Robot, containing detailed information on how to use it, what prerequisites you need, and a step-by-step guide to create your first robot enabled application.

The Robot JavaScript SDK functionality can also be developed in .NET by making use of the Robot API commands.


  • The full documentation of SDK Specifications provides detailed information on Models and Methods used by the Robot Javascript SDK.
  • Sample References offer pre-built samples for Boilerplate and Office Applications that can be easily integrated in your custom application.

RobotJS on macOS

The Robot JavaScript SDK is available on macOS starting with the 1.2.7 release and comes bundled with the UiPath® Assistant for Mac.

The functionality is similar as on Windows, with a couple exceptions:

  • Safari browser is not supported.
  • No standalone version is available.
  • Only cross-platform automations can be executed.

Try It!

To see it in action, we have created a demo with the help of the Robot Javascript SDK which securely connect to your already installed Robot, fetches the processes available in your UiPath® Assistant and displays them on this page.

Click on the "List Processes" button below and grant consent to this page to see how it works in real life:

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