UiPath Release Notes

UiPath Release Notes

July 2021

28 July 2021


Long-Running Workflows on Attended Robots

Until today, only unattended robots could execute long-running workflows. The wait is over, as you can launch an orchestration process in attended mode from the UiPath Assistant, wait for the generated action to be completed in Action Center, and hand the rest of the execution over to an unattended robot.

There is a correlation between the licenses used to execute the attended job and the licenses consumed for unattended execution:

If you start the job using the attended robot included in a(n)…

… then job resumption consumes a …

Attended user license

Unattended robot license

Developer user licenses
Citizen Developer
RPA Developer
RPA Developer Pro

NonProduction robot license

The job can be resumed by an unattended robot from a different server to the one the job was originally started on.


27 July 2021


  • We expanded the human-robot interaction to the Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU), and Turkish (TR) speaking users.


8 July 2021


  • Manage Action Catalogs directly from the Action Center interface. You are no longer required to log in to Orchestrator to create or edit Action Catalogs. Access the Admin Settings from the top navigation bar > More Options in Action Center.
    Read more details on how to manage Action Catalogs.

  • Now it's easier to aim to the Moon, as Action Center UI embraces the latest Apollo theme to offer you a visual consistency between the UiPath products.

Bug Fixes

  • The Provide Input for <process_name> panel was displayed even when you launched processes that did not require input arguments. This behavior is now fixed.


About feature availability for Community and Enterprise...

With Action Center in Automation Cloud, you don't need to worry about updates and upgrades. We take care to give you the latest features and the most stable version as soon as they are available.

Typical cadence: We release changes in two phases: first we release them to our Community users, then a week later they become available to our Enterprise users as well.

Release date: In these Release Notes, we announce changes as they become available to Community users. So if you are an Enterprise user, expect that you can see the announced changes within a week from the initial release date, unless we explicitly mention otherwise. We do not announce Enterprise availability separately. This plan includes a set number of licenses and you can't request additional licenses. If you need more licenses, you must upgrade to the Enterprise Trial or Enterprise plan.


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July 2021

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