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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated Apr 3, 2024

Azure Key Vault Integration

Azure Key Vault is a plugin you can use as a credential store with Orchestrator.

There are two plugins included:

  • Azure Key Vault – a read-write plugin (secrets are created through Orchestrator)
  • Azure Key Vault (read-only) – a read-only plugin (you must provision the secrets in the vault directly)


  • Azure Key Vault credential stores use RBAC authentication. Azure Key Vault requires the Key Vault Secrets Officer role, and Azure Key Vault (read-only) requires Key Vault Secrets User role.
  • The Key Vault plugin is set in your Orchestrator UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file as described in the Password Vault section.
  • Enable the Key Vault plugin as described here.
  • Create the Key Vault to be used with Orchestrator in your Azure account. See Microsoft's official documentation here for details.


In the App Registrations pane of the Azure Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new app registration.
  2. Copy the Application (Client) ID for later use.
  3. Go to Manage > Certificates & Secrets > New client secret, and add a new client secret. Make a note of the expiration you chose and create a new secret before that.
  4. Copy the Value of the secret for later use.

In the Azure Key Vault, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Key Vault's Overview page, and copy the Vault URI and Directory ID for later use.
  2. Select Settings > Access Policies from the menu on the left.
  3. Click Add access policy. The required access policy permissions are Secret Get and Secret Set.
  4. From the Configure from template (optional) drop-down menu, select Secret Management.
  5. Click None selected in the Authorized application section to enable the Select principal field.
  6. Enter the app registration name, confirm that the Application ID is correct, and select this principal.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click Save.

You are now ready to use Vault URI,Directory ID,Application (Client) ID and the secret's Value to configure a new credential store.

Using Azure Key Vault (read-only)

When using Azure Key Vault (read-only) plugin, the Vault admin is responsible for correctly provisioning the secrets that Orchestrator will use. The format in which these secrets must be provisioned differs between secret types (asset versus robot password) and between secret engines.

For instructions on how to provision the secrets, see the following:

  • Prerequisites
  • Configuration
  • Using Azure Key Vault (read-only)

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