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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated Dec 12, 2023

General Tab

Enables you to change the time zone of the tenant, the language of the user interface for Orchestrator, the color of the website header, and toggle the Personal Workspaces and Classic Folders.

Note: It is recommended that the tenant and the Robots have the same time zone.



Application Settings

Time Zone

The time zone of the tenant. By default, this field is set to UTC.

The timezone list depends on the machine. To ensure that all the instances under a multi-node Orchestrator installation have the same timezone list, they must use the same operating system version.


The language of the user interface for Orchestrator.

Connection String

The connection string used to connect Robot machines to Orchestrator.

Custom header color

Select a color for the Orchestrator window header. This is useful for distinguishing between multiple Orchestrator tenants. The header color is selected by clicking the colored square to bring up your machine's color selector.

Custom logo

Enables you to upload your desired logo which appears in the Orchestrator window header. The accepted formats are .png and .svg, with a maximum file size of 1MB.
Note: A logo can be added at the host and/or tenant level. The host setting will be overridden by any logo added at the tenant level. This feature is only available for paid subscriptions.

Personal Workspaces

Enable the Personal Workspaces feature.

Note: This action cannot be reversed, once the Personal Workspaces feature is enabled it cannot be disabled.

Enable Personal Workspace - Create personal workspaces for all users in a tenant that use a certain attended licensing profile, while also selecting the UI profile to be used for those users.

Standard Roles

Create standard roles for modern folders. These roles empower you to leverage the benefits of user groups.

Click Create Role next to each of the roles you want to be automatically created.

Classic Folders

Activate Classic Folders - Enable classic folders.

Note: Use this setting with caution, since classic folders are disabled and will soon be deprecated.

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