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Orchestrator User Guide
Last updated Dec 12, 2023


Robots in modern folders run under a user profile, meaning robots always run in the context of a certain user identity. User identities and their association with roles allow for a certain level of access to resources in Orchestrator. A user gets the permissions required to perform particular operations through one or multiple roles. Learn about access control in Orchestrator.

Because attended robots impersonate real individuals, they should run under user accounts. Unattended robots should run under service accounts, which are special accounts dedicated to applications or virtual machines, not persons.

Robot Management

Robot management is performed on the Users page and involves enabling automatic robot creation for the desired user identity. The robot is automatically created according to your settings. Robot management is done automatically i.e. you enable automatic robot creation at the user level, define the execution settings and authentication credentials, and a floating robot is automatically created.

UiPath Robot has access to the resources residing in the folders the user (and machine for unattended) has access to.

Attended robots (or unattended used in attended mode) can be monitored at the tenant level on the Robots page. Unattended machines and runtimes can be monitored at the folder level (Monitoring > Machines).

Automatic robot management can be configured for directory users or directory groups as well. The automatic robot provisioning setting for a directory group that's added to Orchestrator is inherited by any user that is a member of that AD group. Robot auto-provisioning is only valid for attended robots.

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