UiPath Orchestrator

The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Robot View

The Robots page at the tenant level illustrates the robot configuration done in Orchestrator.

Configured robots

This section shows the robot configuration made in modern folders. Specifically, it offers a breakdown of all robots created for your accounts, by enabling the Attended Robot and/or Unattended Robot options.

Column NameDescription
NameThe name of the account the robot runs on.
Account typeThe type of the account the robot runs on.
Robot TypeThe robot type (attended, unattended) as enabled for the account in Orchestrator.
License TypeThe license type used by the robot to run jobs.
Domain\UsernameThe domain\username of the user under whom the robot runs.

Classic robots

This section offers an overview of robots as defined in classic folders and related information. This tab is not displayed in modern-only organizations.


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