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Robots in Modern Folders

In modern folders, robots are automatically created for a user. Before proceeding to robot behavior in modern folders, it is recommended that you get familiar to some basic notions first. Take a look at the following list of resources:

Robot Management

Robot management is done mostly automatically (Management > Users), meaning you enable an automatic robot creation option at user level, define its settings, and the robot is automatically created according to the configuration you made.

Automatic robot creation alongside AD integration and hierarchical folders reduce costs of infrastructure, maintenance, and consultancy for integration, and set the stage for effortless large deployments. See here how to manage such a deployment in Orchestrator.



See here for differences in capabilities between modern folders and classic folders.

UiPath Robot has access to whatever processes exist in the folders the user (and machine for unattended) has access to.
Automatic robot management can be configured for directory users or directory groups as well. The automatic robot creation setting for a directory group that's added to Orchestrator is inherited by any user that is a member of that AD group. Logging in with such a user to a machine that has been provisioned to Orchestrator and opening the UiPath Robot tray, automatically provisions the user and implicitly a floating robot to Orchestrator. The robot inherits the settings defined at group level. Robot auto-provisioning using directory groups is only valid for attended robots. Unattended robots can be provisioned for local and directory users.
Execution settings for these Robots can only be configured when adding users individually. Groups are added with the default execution settings. These are described here. To customize execution settings for directory users, you have to make the adjustments explicitly for them, once they have been auto-provisioned or added individually. Details here.
After being automatically created, robots can be monitored on the Robots page, Monitoring menu.
See here how to manage robots in modern folders.



User management in Cloud Platform is done from Cloud Portal. You cannot add users to an Orchestrator service from the service itself. Hence, configuring a user to have a robot automatically provisioned can only be done by editing it.

Credential stores support is different in Cloud Platform Orchestrator versus on-premises Orchestrator. See here a full feature comparison between the two.

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Robots in Modern Folders

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