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The UiPath Orchestrator Guide

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The Webhooks Page



Searches for a webhook according to the provided URL.

Enabled Filter

Enables you to filter the page according to the state of webhooks. The following options are available: All, On, Off.

Reset to defaults

This button is displayed only if you made changes to any of the filters described above, and enables you to return to the default settings.

Please note that this button also resets the number of items displayed per page.


Enables you to create a new webhook.


Displays the URLs at which the payload of each webhook is sent.

Subscribed Events

Displays all the events to which you subscribed for each corresponding webhook. All is displayed if you subscribed to all the events, otherwise, they are listed.


Displays the state of each webhook, and enables you to toggle it.

More Actions


Displays a menu with the following options:

  • Edit - Enables you to edit a webhook, and displays the Edit page.
  • Remove - Enables you to delete a webhook.

The Add Page

The Add page also corresponds to the Edit page.



The URL at which you want to send the Orchestrator events.

Disable SSL Verification (Not Recommended)

Disables the security verification when sending webhook information the provided URL.


Displays the state of each webhook and enables you to enable or disable them.


The key that enables Orchestrator to safely authenticate to the provided URL. Cannot exceed 100 characters.

Event Type

The type of event you want to send to the provided URL. You can:

  • Send All Events - the default option;
  • Select Individual Events - choose the events for which you want to receive notifications.


Cancels your settings and returns to the Webhooks page.


Saves your webhook configuration and returns to the updated Webhooks page.

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Field Descriptions

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