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Field Descriptions for the Filters Pane




Enables you to revert to the most recent saved version of any filters you have been editing.



Select to add a new filter.
When selected from the widget of a current filter, it creates a dependent filter.

More Actions


From the Filters pane, has the following option:

  • Set as My Default Filters - Saves the current filters and their configurations.

From an individual filter, has the following options:

  • Rename - Edit the name of the current filter.
  • Lock - If enabled, dashboard viewers cannot make any changes to this filter.
  • Add a Dependent Filter - Creates a dependent filter.
  • Set as Background Filter - Enables you to create filters which are not viewable or editable by any dashboard viewers.

Edit Filter


Appears for each existing filter. Opens the Edit Filter window.

Remove the item


Appears for each existing filter. Deletes the selected filter.

Click to disable

Toggle from which you can enable or disable any current filter.

Update on Every Change

When enabled, any filter changes are applied to the dashboard immediately.

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Field Descriptions for the Filters Pane

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