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Last updated 13 de may. de 2024

File Templates


Use file templates as base models for your test cases. For example, you can create a file template with data variations to be reused on different tests. While you can use project templates for a systematic project approach, you can view the file templates as a blueprint for your workflows.

Note: Available for test automation only.


  • The templates are specific to the project type and the language that is used to create it.
  • File templates cannot be converted to workflows, compiled or published.

Extract to file template

  1. Open your workflow in Studio.
  2. In the Project panel, right-click a test case and select Extract as Template.

You test case is now stored in Project > Templates.

You can copy and paste or move it back to your testing folder.

Tip: You can use the contextual menu within the templates folder to perform various actions, such as comparing files.
  • Overview
  • Dependencies
  • Conditions
  • Extract to file template

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