UiPath Document Understanding

UiPath Document Understanding

November 2020

General Release Notes - ML Packages

10 November 2020 | v20.10.4

Release date in AI Fabric Cloud and Endpoints

New Features and Improvements

A new model for Japanese Invoices.

Evaluation pipelines now return metrics for Classification fields too.

Support for Microsoft Read OCR version 3.

Improvements to date formatting/parsing for detecting day/month/year versus month/day/year formats.

Improvements to decimal point and thousands separators detections for correct number parsing.

Training on CPU is supported in all versions of AI Fabric.

Improved parsing of fields with content-type id-no.

Support for training Classification fields only (no Regular or Column fields).

Increased the maximum number of allowed fields from 32 to 40.

Report confidence levels for Column fields.

Known Issues

When creating a UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities Package in AI Center, the package name should not be any python reserved keyword, such as class , break, from, finally, global, None, etc. Note that this list is not exhaustive since the package name is used for class <pkg-name> and import <pkg-name> .

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November 2020

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